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We are I.R.B.A. registered accountants and auditors

Statutory audit engagements for attorneys

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

  • Complete our contact form and we will contact you


Step 2

  • In order to provide you with a quote we will need to inspect the attorney’s trust account

Call our company director, Adriaan Lombard R.A.A., at 021-553-5476 for a FREE telephone consultation if you have any questions or need more information, or send an e-mail to

About Adriaan

  • Registered Accountant and Auditor (R.A.A)
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • B-Com (Law) – University of Stellenbosch
  • LLB University of Stellenbosch
  • International Legal Study Certificate – University of Antwerp
  • Bachelor degree in Commerce – University of Cape Town
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting – University of Cape Town

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