WELCOME TO Lombard Accounting

Does your company provide forensic reports in matters other than litigation support for divorce cases and mortgage bond audits?

“Lombard – Forensic Accountants Pty Limited” can perform any forensic engagement that
requires the use of a forensic accountant. We however only assist members of the public if they
have secured legal representation. We also specialise in representing woman in divorce matters.

What if my company requires bookkeeping and accounting services?

“Lombard – Consulting and Tax Pty Limited” provides bookkeeping and accounting services
to businesses in South Africa. The company can provide a wide range of services; ranging from
business advise to full or part time outsourcing of a company’s accounting function.

Does your firm only provide audit services to the private sector?

We provide audit services to the private sector. Occasionally however we perform audit
services for Schools, Unions, Body Corporates, NGO’s and government.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Does your firm and companies provide any other services in South Africa not listed on
your website?

Answer: Yes. We do provide consulting and other services not listed. Please inquiry directly with the
owner, Adriaan Lombard R.A.A., if other accounting, auditing or advisory services are required.